There is No Competition...
When You Become The BEST At What You Do!
February 11th -13th, 2019 in Los Angeles, California
You Are Just a Few Steps Away From
Having Sellers Lining Up to Hire YOU.
But do you know which steps will get you there?  
You'll Learn It All At Double Your Listing Power LIVE!

From: Kevin Ward
Redondo Beach, California
Dear YesMaster, 
When I started selling real estate over 20 years ago, everybody had a home phone...and they actually answered it!

Today...things have changed more than any of us could ever have imagined...and yet most agents are still using many of the same old strategies from the 1900s! 

The real estate market is changing.  There are massive "disruptors" that are rocking the real estate industry. There is "panic in the streets" for many Realtors who are feeling the seismic shifts.

Change is reality.  And while many things change, some things NEVER CHANGE.  The key is to understand the difference between the CHANGES  and the UNCHANGEABLES.  Those who understand the changes and who master the unchangeables...are the ones that will win.

At this year's DYLP Live, you will hear from other agents just like you who are mastering the changes and the unchangeables...and who are experiencing massive 6-figure growth in their businesses.

Some who came to DYLP Training Camp last year, not know what to expect...and THIS YEAR will be on stage sharing the secrets to their massive 6-figure income growth.

This 3-day event will catapult your business forward and help you  Become the BEST Real Estate Agent in your market. 

You will be attending a training camp that has created six-figure raises for many of the agents who will be training next to you.  And my message for you is this...
  •  YOU Have What It Takes...
  •  YOU Can Crush It In Real Estate...
  •  It's YOUR Time...
You've Got The Power...
Discover Your Power Plugged Into An Irresistible "Seller Vortex" At Double Your Listing Power LIVE 2019!
This Is NOT Like Any 
Other Event!
Unlike other conferences, this isn’t one big hype-a-thon.

You won’t be confused by a parade of random speakers trying to take you down 10 completely different, and contradicting paths. (Let’s face it, that just leaves you with more questions than when you arrived, right?)

I’ve created this 3-day training camp to be a cohesive JOURNEY into The Power of The Seller Vortex.

Every session has been strategically created to give you a specific piece of what it takes to attract great clients and great listings and to sell all of them for top dollar which means delivering the best service and results to your clients.

I’ll be taking you on the END-TO-END journey from:
“Here’s How You Create A Consistent Flow Of Motivated Prospects Lining Up To List With You Through The 'Seller Vortex.'"
“Here’s How To Have The Presence And Presentation That Makes Motivated Sellers Say 'YES' To You Every Time."
“Here’s How To Be the Best In Your Market At Delivering The Best Results For Your Clients."
And...NEW for 2019
“Here’s How To Create Your Own Online Lead Generation 'Seller Vortex' Working For You 24/7...Without Having To Pay Zillow Or Other Portals For Expensive Low-Quality Leads."
Day 1: Preparation & Presence
No house is built without first laying a proper foundation.  

Too many agents have failed because they tried the tactics without the right preparation.  Vince Lombardi "Everyone has a will to win but very few have the will to prepare to win." 

The two most important preliminaries for all success is:  
#1. How you prepare.
#2. How you show up.

How would you like to show up in a way that people don't have the ability to tell you "no?"  
After Day 1, you will walk out of the event a different person.
Day 2: The Seller Vortex & Power
How do you get motivated sellers to line up to hire you?
How do you connect with people who don't want to talk to you?
How do you get them to say "Yes" to you and give you the listing at your first meeting?
How do you compete and WIN against the technology disruptors and discounters?

Create a Virtual Sales Team that will generate leads for your 24/7 for FREE!

Discover the SECRET SUPER-POWER that will make your number of listings and sales skyrocket through...
  • The YesMasters Vortex
  • The Lead Generation Vortices
  • The Agent Online Vortex
  • The Lead Follow Up Vortex
  • The Listing Vortex
  • The HomeSelling Vortex
Day 3: The Process & Presentation
Get the systems, strategies, and the tools that will revolutionize your business.
Generate more seller leads and listings than ever before.
Get every listing priced right.
Sell every listing for top dollar.
Turn every listing into a lead generation machine.

Double Your Listing Power Training Camp is the path to:

Become The Very Best. 
Add More Value.
Sell More Listings.
Earn More Income.
And Live The Life Of Your Dreams. 

This Event Will Change Your Business And Your get your ticket now...
Join us as we recognize more winners of the YesMasters 6-Figure Plus Award for increasing their income by 6 figures in the last 12 months.  And put yourself on the course for that kind of income growth.  It's your time!

Thanks again.  I'm so excited to see you in LA!
P.S. Once you register you will also be invited to join me in our Private Pre-Training Camp Facebook Group for 30 days before the event, where you can ask questions, get answers, and lots of cool extras. 

P.P.S.  I almost forgot to mention, right now we have our "pre-event" pricing on this page. When the clock hits 00:00:00, then the price will go up. So NOW is the time to lock in your tickets before this price is gone forever.
Check out the videos below of people who attended our past events.
Double Your Listing Power LIVE FAQ's...
 What are the dates of the "Double Your Listing Power LIVE 2019" Event?
Registration starts on Fed 10th, and the event is happening Feb 11th -Feb 13th In Los Angeles California.
 What is the venue for the event?
The event will be hosted at the Sheraton Gateway LAX Hotel. You can book your hotel room here >>

To secure your room, you can also call the hotel directly at 1-310-642-1111 and reference the group "YesMasters 2019" ($159.00/night group rate). Should you wish to extend your stay, the discount rooms are also available 3 days before and 3 days after (based on hotel availability). We recommend booking your flight to arrive at least the day or evening prior so you can register and be well-rested and ready for the event. (Cut-Off Date Jan 21st, 2019)
 I'm trying to book my travel. What times do I need to know about?
Event registration will start at 5:00 pm - 6:30 PM on Sunday, February 10th and the event will conclude around 4pm on Wednesday, February 13th.  

Fly into Los Angeles International Airport.
 Can anyone attend this event?
Yes, if you are (or want to be) a successful real estate agent, then this LIVE event is for you!
 Can I Bring My Spouse Or A Guest?
Because of our VERY limited seating, every person must purchase a ticket to attend.  Agents who upgrade and also get the Double Your Listing Power Online Course will receive a BONUS ticket to bring someone with you to the event.  A $49 Registration fee will apply.  Limited availabilty.
 Can I Get A Refund If I Can't Attend?
There are NO REFUND for inability to attend the event.  You will be allowed to use your ticket at next year's Double Your LIsting Power LIVE, based on availability.  $49 Registration fee will apply to attend the next year's event.
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