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 Double Your Listing Power Online ($997 Value)
 1 Tuition Waiver to Agent Mastery Live event* *$97 registration fee will be required to confirm that you are attending once date and location are announced. ($997 Value)
12 Months Coaching from YesMasters Coaches on DYLP Online ($2,400 Value)
 5-Week DYLP Coaching Call Replays ($197 Value)
 Private Content Rights to Seller Lead Magnet  ($997 Value)
Total Value: $5,588
Your Price: Just $997!
What If You Could Dominate Listings In Your Market?
I created this course because I want to help you succeed.  Understand that this course and the other bonuses will help you only IF YOU ARE COMMITTED to studying and implementing the training.  

If you are...this 6-week online mastery course will take you step-by-step to implementing the best systems and strategies to build a strong listing-based business and help you build the skills and mindset to succeed at it.  This course gives you the BEST high-octane video training modules ever on mastering listings along with the strategies, scripts, systems, and marketing resources for taking and selling more listings.

The goal is not to see how fast you can get through the course.  "Fast learners" are usually the worst implementers, because they think the secret is information.  The secret, my friend, is IMPLEMENTATION.  As you go through each module, stop and take action and then come back and continue to the next video.  You have LIFETIME ACCESS, so there is plenty of time.  If you're willing to implement as you go and stay consistent with the program and progress, you will be successful.  
The total value of this course, plus the bonuses, is over $5,500!  Although, in reality, the ultimate value of this program can be tens of thousands- or more- in income when you effectively implement it. 
Kevin Ward
Founder, YesMasters Real Estate Success Training
 You Will Have Lifetime Access To These Step-By-Step Training Modules Delivered Weekly To You
1.1 Mastery Training - Lead Generation Scripts
1.2 The Double Your Listing Power Formula!
1.3 The YesMasters’ Listing Mastery Model
1.4 The Decision
1.5 What Sellers Want
1.6 The MMA's of Real Estate
1.7 Lead Generation and Outcomes
1.8 Lead Generation Approaches
1.9 BONUS: The 9 Keys to Mastering Scripts
4.1 Mastery Training: Pricing Objections
4.2 Pricing Objections Script Chant
4.3 7-Step Recipe for Listing Riches
4.4 Five Types of Guaranteed Sale
4.5 The YesMasters Action Plan
4.6 Seven Strategies to Differentiate Yourself
4.7 How to Get Every Listing SOLD
4.8 The Unthinkable: Overpriced Listing
4.9 BONUS: Pets and Security Systems
2.1 Mastery Training - Pre-Listing Scripts
2.2 The Pre-Listing Process
2.3 The 5 Biggest Mistakes that Lose Listings
2.4 Lead Follow Up: The System
2.5 Lead Follow Up: The Conversation.
2.6 Pre-Qualifying
2.7 Pre-Qualifying: The Conversation
2.8 Measuring Motivation
2.9 The One Question Behind Every Objection
2.10 Your “Shock & Awe” Pre-Listing Packet
2.11 Your Personalized Introduction Video
5.1 Pre-Appointment Objections
5.2 Pre-Appointment Objections Chanting
5.3The Skill-building Cycle
5.4 Communicating with Power
5.5 The Voice: How You Say It
5.6 Non-Verbal Communication
5.7 Humor: Don’t Make Me Laugh
5.8 The Power of a Pause
5.9 The Ultimate Skill
5.10 BONUS: Boost Your Confidence Now
3.1 Mastery Training: Listing Presentation
3.2 Listing Presentation Script Chant
3.3 The Listing Process
3.4 Four Types of Listing Presentations 
3.5 Resistance Triggers 
3.6 Influence Triggers
3.7 Listing Presentation #1-5
3.8 The Listing Presentation #6-10
3.9 The Listing Presentation #11-14
3.10 The Listing Presentation #15-19
3.11 - The Listing Presentation #20-23
3.12 - The Listing Presentation #24-28
6.1 Mastery Training Listing Objections Part 1
6.2 Listing Objections CHANTING
6.3 6 Ninja Pricing Strategies
6.4 Handling Objections Like a Ninja Master
6.5 The Deduction Approach
6.6.Leveraging Your Success
6.7 Starting Your Vortex PC System
6.8 Your Support System for Success
6.9 How to Sell a Lot of Listings
I Also Want To Give You Some Other Bonuses To Help You Master Listings and Dominate Your Market...
 FREE Bonus #1 ($997 Value)
1 Tuition Waiver to Agent Mastery Live Event*
Get 1 Ticket to attend three full days of intense training with Kevin Ward at the next Agent Mastery Live event. 

*$97 registration fee will be required to confirm that you are attending once date and location are announced. 
 FREE Bonus #2 ($2,400 Value)
12 Months of Online Coaching With YesMasters Coaches
Get personally coached by YesMasters Coaches on the DYLP Online Site. Simply post your questions and challenges on the course site and each week, a YesMasters Coach will personally answers your coaching questions as well as other agents' questions.  
 FREE Bonus #3 ($197 Value)
Double Your Listing Power Coaching Call Replays
Get the Best of Kevin's Listing Coaching Calls and Advanced Training covering topics such as: 
 Getting Price Reductions
 Motivation, Commission Objections, Q&A 
 Building Your Support Team
 Maximizing Your Time
 Getting Listings Sold
 Advanced Communication Skills
 Your Support Team & Building Confidence
 and MORE....
 FREE Bonus #4 ($997 Value)
 Private Content Rights to "Top Dollar" Book Seller Lead Magnet
Get exclusive private content rights to Kevin's book, Top Dollar: 10 Proven Strategies to Sell Your House Faster and For More Money.
You can use any or all of the content of this book to create your own FREE Downloadable Book or Report to use as an "irresistible offer" to homeowners so they'll give you their contact information.
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Did You Know, This Is The #1 Reason That Experts Fail...
Did You Know, This Is The #1 Reason That Experts Fail...
Here is EVERYTHING You'll Receive When You Get 
Double Your Listing Power Online Today!
Double Your Listing Power Online ($997 Value)
1  Tuition Waiver to Agent Mastery Live event* *$97 registration fee will be required to confirm that you are attending once date and location are announced. ($997 Value)
12 Months Coaching from YesMasters Coaches on DYLP Online ($2,400 Value)
5-Week DYLP Coaching Call Replays ($197 Value)
 Private Content Rights to Seller Lead Magnet ($997 Value)
Total Value: $5,588
Your Price: Just $997!
14-DAY NO-RISK SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. If you are not 100% satisfied with the quality of the content, then you can have a full refund as long as you request the refund within 14 days. There are no refunds after 14 days.
What if I can’t start right now or have time conflicts over the next 6 weeks?
No problem.  The course allows you to start whenever you are ready and proceed at your own pace. Each week you'll receive that week's lesson. The program is a 6-week course, so that you are implementing as you are learning.  However, after you have received all 6 lessons, you have lifetime access to all of them.  
How long will I have access to the program and bonuses?
You will have lifetime access to the entire course. In fact, the program is designed to be repeated as many times as needed to create more great habits as you move forward.
What if I cannot use my bonus ticket for Agent Mastery Live event this year?
We certainly understand that each person has unique circumstances based on distance, time, and budget limitations.  If you are unable to use your tuition waiver for the next Agent Mastery Live event, simply email and let us know.  We will defer your bonus tuition waiver for up to 12 months or till the next Agent Mastery Live event.
What if this program doesn’t work for me?
Great question! This program will not do the work for you any more than a personal trainer can do your pushups for you. This program will give you the step-by-step process to follow that will make it simple, and the support and daily encouragement to stay true to your commitment. It still requires you to have enough personal responsibility and initiative to take action.  
Is there a money-back guarantee?
Yes.  There is a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 14 days after you register for the program.  If for any reason you decide the program is not right for you in the first 14 days, we will give you 100% refund.  No questions asked.  While the strategies taught in this course are proven and have worked for others, federal law prohibits us from guaranteeing results, because we cannot guarantee the actions of any person or how that person implements the training.  If you have questions or are not getting the results you want, it is your responsibility to seek the support you need to successfully execute the strategies you learn. After 14 days, there are no refunds.  Our goal is to guide and support you in your success.  Ultimately, your success or failure is your responsibility.  
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